Innovative uses made possible by a QR code creator

Many large corporations use alternative branding techniques to incorporate their logos in to our everyday lives. This trend is trickling down to smaller enterprises and even on the personal level. Branding has moved from a business level to the personal. QR codes are cutting edge in the flow of information. Everywhere you turn you can see the pixilated boxes. They are meant to be scanned by mobile devices which then in the large turn directs you to a mobile website. Individuals have found a variety of uses for QR codes, which can be generated by several QR code creators. Several online merchants offer free QR code creators that meet a user’s specified needs.

One of the great benefits for QR code usage is the amount of free QR code creators available. Use any search engine and type in “QR code creator” and you can encode any information such as text, a URL, or contact information. 

QR codes can be decoded using a smartphone with a QR code reader. Once a reader is installed on the smart phone, you’ll need to take a picture of the code. Anyone can create a QR code using a free QR code creator. By doing this you can direct people to your social media profile, product page, article, or blog. You have bridged an offline creation to your information online. The online universe used to be tied to the desktop PC, then the laptop. The wonder of the modern age is the number of people who have the world of the internet in their pockets. With a smartphone anyone who uses a QR code creator can have the information they desire to be accessed available to most of the population. Once someone scans the information it is then stored and portable.

An innovative and interactive example of the use of QR codes was The World Park, a mobile interactive experience that raised awareness and engagement for New York City’s parks. It took place Arbor Day weekend 2010. It was a large scale board game type activity where players using a map that provided a guided tour on NYCs central park. Along the route the players came across what were called Parkcodes, small tree shaped QR codes. Each code revealed a question whose answer was based on the codes location. Each question was based on categories such as Pop Culture, science, and the arts.

Not surprisingly this event was created by an advertising professional who specializes in innovative marketing... The overt goal of the event was to increased awareness of all the park had to offer. Yet truly in the end the World Park game increased awareness of the use of QR codes in advertising. The intent surely was to bring business to the particular marketer. QR codes are a democratic endeavor and are now part of the cloud. Any individual can use a free QR code creator and with only the limit of the imagination.