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Follow Barbie with a QR code generator download and move to a different form of marketing.

QR codes are a new trendy way to move information. As more and more industries adapt to this new form of communication some take a little more time than others. One such industry is the fashion industry. Built on being hip and up to date it has taken awhile to bring aboard the QR code.

QR codes are a way to ring information to a wide base of consumers. All you would need is a QR code generator download on your smartphone.  People love their smartphones almost as much as they love fashion. You could almost say that smartphones have become a fashionable accessory that has become a must have. So why not use this trendy accessory as a way to peak interest in a new line of fashion during events and shows.

Barbie is a fashion icon and has been or many years. Little girls and women alike want to be like her. For year Barbie has given boosts to all kinds of causes. Were as Barbie promotes girl power she has also been a model for many fashion trends. From pink high heels to animal print Barbie has sported it all and now she has recently taken on QR codes.

Fashion’s Night Out in New York had a pink Barbie themed bus with a QR code right on it for all to see. Some use these codes made with a QR code generator download to communicate information or to advertise, well Barbie was using her QR code as a way to get people to enter a contest. This contest was to win human sized outfits that she had been modeling from designers like Tracy Reese, Alexis Bittar, and Alice and Olivia.

On the same night one other famous company sported a QR code. Tiffany&Co. had cookies that fashionably wore QR codes frosted on top. After scanning one of these cookie codes the consumer would be brought to a web page that contained an invitation to a concert with an actress from the hit show Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester.

When you think about fashion your mind goes to the most obvious translation, cloths. And then you add in the subject of QR codes there is another obvious translation, putting the code right on a garment. Many companies are doing this by putting them on shirts and hats but one designer is taking this idea to the runway. Frans Baviera from Barcelona, Spain placed a QR code directly to one of his gowns. This gown was worn in his runway show and was seen by many. From literal to abstract QR codes are gaining a trend of their own, helping information travel, whether it’s from Spain or New York City.