Museums and technology QR code generators bring art to life

QR codes are growing in popularity. There uses are multiplying. One of the more interesting uses is in education. There are many museums that re starting to use them as a way to expand the amount of information that can be passed on in one visit. QR codes and QR code generators are linking to sites that enhance a guest experience in the museum setting.

A museum can use these codes to help parents learn what the exhibit is meant to teach their children. In Richmond a museum is doing just that, once the code is scanned the parent is redirected to a video that explains the different elements of the exhibit that the kids are interacting with.

Many museums have audio that is meant to aid in learning. When exhibits are busy or noise those audio elements are hard to hear. To fix that problem museums are adding QR codes. These QR codes link to audio that can be followed on a smart phone. This added element allows a guest of the museum to follow at their own personal pace.

These same museums are spiking interest in new galleries and exhibits by placing QR codes on posters that take potential guest directly to the museums webpage. 

Art has always been subject to interpretation and artists of today now have the ability to bring their work’s full story to life. With the use of free QR code generators artists have the ability to direct the user to a myriad of interpretative dissertations on the piece itself. They also have the ability to point to a commerce section whereas a viewer may have had the option to buy a single piece they now can be directed to the artist’s full collection for sale.