The kitchen is a natural extension for use to generate QR codes

There are many different ways to collect and keep information. In this new age of technology any way that we can collect and keep information faster the better. One avenue of information is cooking and recipes.  Cooks for centuries have been finding new and useful ways to pass on their valuable resources. With the ability create QR codes or mobile barcodes that can link to a recipe with a free QR code generator cooks can share their kitchen wealth.

When looking for new ways to spice up a meal or new ideas in general a home chef can spend hours following home cooking shows and searching the web. To make this easer and much more simple the BBC has added QR codes to their show The Good Cook. These can be read with a smartphone QR code reader.  Instead of a viewer having to keep up with the chef on the show, keeping track of ingredients and what to do with them all they have to do now is scan a QR code made by a free QR code creator. By adding a code to the screen it also eliminates the search of the web later after the show to find the missing instructions for the meal or dish they just tried to follow on the show.

The code on the screen would give the viewer the recipe that is being featured on the show. Alongside the recipe the viewer would also be able to access information about the ingredients that would be used. So if you had a question about what something was or where you could find it a QR code would be able to help in finding that information.

Instead of using pen and paper to keep track of new recipes and make ideas the new tech savvy chef can scan a QR code with a QR code reader app and have new ideas at their fingertips. This new way of bringing fast information to viewers allows for people to explore new and interesting things in the kitchen.