Advertisers target mothers with QR codes

Consumers come in all shapes and sizes and particular demographics are always being targeted by advertisers. Mothers have always been one of the key targets of these agents. They dominate in the consumption of grocery and children’s items. One variable that has changed the game of interaction between Mom’s and advertisers is the rising use of smartphone technology. Advertisers are using QR codes, the small black and white squares which can deliver rich content to the average consumer. A recent report about quick response codes states that their use has increased by over 1000 percent in the last six months of 2010. They are being talked about in the media from magazine articles to blogs. This is not a particularly new technology and has been used in other areas of the globe, but now is becoming widely popular in the United States. Most marketers agree that QR codes help build a mobile engagement strategy into their standard advertising platform. Over half of mothers own smartphones and advertisers recognize that mobile applications in the next most viable option for targeting this key piece of the consumer puzzle.

Mothers lead hectic, busy lives, and juggle multiple agendas. They may very well be the best multitaskers around. A huge selling point to moms is convenience. They’ll take all the help they can get in trying to make their lives easier. The selling point to someone in this position is that they can quickly get information through QR codes that actually make a difference in their lives. They can quickly take an image of a QR barcode with their smartphone and get very detailed information on a variety of products that often come with incentives such as coupons. Convenience and money saving incentives is the key to a mother's heart.

A vital key in the emergence and effectiveness of QR advertising is education. Mothers must be made to know that QR codes can be advantageous. One of the leading edge retailers in the QR education game is the giant Macy’s. They have introduced national advertising that explains to shoppers the benefits and how to use QR codes.

Marketers must educate the consumer on the use of QR codes and target female consumers. They must be sure to highlight the advantages to mothers and families. They must not only add value such as coupons discounts, and exclusive merchandise, they must be convenient and fit into a mother’s busy schedule.