QR code analytics the necessity to track data

Metric tracking and data are key to any expenditure, accountants and analysts use various tools to ensure that efficiency in marketing. QR code analytics are a powerful new tool that might provide information and other insights that other tracking strategies may not. Determining return on investment can be done through QR code analytics. Although QR codes are a new technology which can be intimidating they are a cutting edge field worth exploring.

 A national retailer used QR code analytics in a nationwide product study. The QR code was placed on the outside of the packaging of the product. They linked the code to further tips and instructions. They were able to track metrics such as total number of views to the link, the percentage of those views that were on a mobile device, what percentage of views to the link were through a desktop PC, and how many uniquely came from the QR code scan.

This particular anonymous retailer found valuable information about their product and marketing. The study also gives us insight into QR code analytics in itself. They found that scanning is highest on weekends and late afternoons. This may or may not correlate to many students’ schedules, prime users of QR codes and smartphone technology, are more available during those times. They found that although the link from the barcode is scanned on a mobile device that desktop users were also accessing the information. The inference is that the mobile users were sharing the link with others who used desktops. Scans of QR codes appear in small groupings or clusters. This is most likely that users scan codes when they first come across them in stores.

How can a retailer take advantage of these QR code analytics? They can target their marketing. Dosing this in a variety of ways, using the scan clusters found through the analytics as a pinpoint target for local advertising. They can schedule further promotions during the timeframes the scans are most active... They can look at the similarity between individual scans and sales data from particular location to see how the scan rate compared to purchase rate.

QR code analytics is a powerful metric measurement to determine return on investment or ROI. Scan metrics need code management and QR code analytics to truly understand how the marketing campaign affects the bottom line. These analytics must be used in conjunction with more traditional methods to get a full picture of strategy. The company must determine actionable insight and move on their information to capture the market they have discovered.