QR codes in marketing put to use with TV shopping

QR codes are a way to access more information faster. Many companies have ben discovering ways to use these codes to enhance the way consumers gain information about products they are selling or supporting. One company that is using this idea is HSN. This shopping network is using QR codes alongside electronic products as a way for customers to gain more information about products they are interested about. Research down by HSN show that customers already use computers and smartphones as a way to search and compare products that they are selling, so the codes allow for faster access to the information about these products.

Another reason for HSN to use these codes as a part of the programing is to ensure that the consumer are finishing sales with them and no other companies they compete with. QR codes will link to web pages about the product allowing viewers to find further information and place orders all at the same time.

A challenge they face is educating their viewers on how to use QR codes. They realize that the age group in which they target may not know how beneficial these QR codes could be in their search for more information.

QR codes are a growing source of gaining more information faster. HSN’s efforts to add QR codes into programing and advertisements will increase knowledge about the codes. While numbers are small now the hope is that as time goes by and smart phones become more widely used information will travel even faster.