Restaurants use QR codes in marketing to children

National restaurant chains are using QR codes in marketing. The family chain T.G.I. Friday’s is looking to engage its younger audience by adding a QR barcode to its children’s menus. Many customers may not know what is a QR code and some education may need to take place on the 2D quick response codes. In the case of T.G.I. Friday’s the code takes the consumer to their Facebook page.

Certainly, this is not the only company to add QR codes to their children’s menus. Several other venues codes will link to media, their webpage, or even coupons. In an age where partnership is key to business some restaurants often link to either businesses or sell the space to advertisers.

In an effort to further engage youngsters many establishments will surround the QR codes with other activities like puzzles, and coloring spaces. T.G.I. Friday’s is not alone in the use of this cutting edge technology. Pizza Hut is getting in on the action, as well as large chain of pancake restaurants in the south.

QR code marketing is a great way to target the prime users of smartphones. Several companies print the menus which are distributed to the restaurant for free provided that the restaurant’s advertisers buy content from the menu publisher. Children’s clothing, dentists, and other afterschool activities are among the many advertisers using this technology to reach an audience.

Any user of a marketing campaign looks for added value, the best way for a food service venue to provide that value is coupons. In this particular case when a customer scans the QR codes they will be prompted to enter in their zip code which will provide targeted coupons to their area.

QR codes in marketing provide a great opportunity to target specific audiences. The menu application need not be restricted to children’s menus. Restaurants can use them across the board.