Innovative uses for Restaurant QR codes

The restaurant business is widely known to be one of the most competitive out there. If you’re the owner of a new local restaurant and you want to find an innovative way to connect with your guests. It is vital that you create an environment and experience that will produce the word of mouth buzz that is so important. The costs of operating a restaurant are high and you need a budget friendly approach. Restaurant QR codes meet all these needs and more. They let a restaurant or any business to engage the diner or customer. QR codes are two dimensional barcodes that can be inputted into a mobile device like a smartphone.

Various uses can be applied. Basic information can be passed to the consumer. If you were to place a restaurant QR code on a takeout menu or business card you will allow a customer to scan the code easily and allow them to store your contact information right in their pockets. Weekly deals and daily specials can be linked to a restaurant QR code where the consumer needs not be physical y at the location to find. Feedback from the diner can be encouraged through the use of these codes. It can be vital for a restaurateur to find out what dishes are successes and which are not. 

Many restaurants engage in loyalty programs. Restaurants can send pre-populated text messages by scanning a restaurant QR code that can link and invite diners to engage in these types of programs which encourage repeat business.

Food and the food preparation are a huge interest to the consumer with multiple TV networks and magazines. Restaurants can bring their diners right into the kitchen by linking their codes to videos of their favorite dishes being prepared. This would be a great idea for those diners looking to fill the time while waiting for their food. However, one might not find the dinner conversation to be the most engaging with everyone with their smartphones out.

Creating an environment where the guests feel a part of the experience is an important aspect in creating a loyal and even rabid fan base. Restaurant QR codes can link to videos articles linking to about the history of the restaurant. Restaurants that can get the consumer to feel a part of the history of the venue can create a word of mouth buzz and truly loyal diner. Another option in this vein would be to link to interviews with the staff. This type of interaction between customer and staff would be a great motivator for the employee. Their employer would not only be taking an interest in their lives as people but would like to share that with the customer, the business most valuable assets. Menus with restaurant QR codes linked to nutritional data would appeal to the increasingly healthy choices diners are making. Each of these technological adaptations involving restaurant QR codes links diners to the restaurant providing an advantage over those establishments merely seek to serve food and get them out the door.