QR codes used in retail marketing

Pursuing any website or magazine content will lead to interesting QR code uses. Many large scale retailer use QR codes in their marketing campaigns. The Toys R’ Us Hong Kong arm uses QR codes that promote their loyalty programs. They have initiated an application for the popular smartphone, the IPhone, which links coupons, store rewards, and other incentives to those who download the QR code application. The end result they’re hoping for to further bring the more than 700,000 Toys R’ Us fans to engage in the QR code program that they simply call “R”.

Promotions, online catalogs, and rich media content are at the other end of the QR codes for “R”. A unique aspect of this particular program is that it allows users to rack up points which can be used for discounts and other promotional items in-store. This particular use of a QR code in retail is cutting edge at the moment; however the seeds are sown for growth in this area.

Toys R’ Us is not the only large scale business getting in to the QR code game. eBay, the online auction site, and Amazon.com are already using the technology. EBay not only utilizes the QR code they have released their own application for use with the IPhone.

QR codes have been slow to catch on in the United States but are highly used in Asia and Europe; these online big box retailers are putting their codes to good use engaging the consumer in a completely different way.

The use of QR codes in retail is on the rise. With large corporations using and promoting their use, smaller companies will be right behind them. QR codes in retail have the potential to engage the consumer, provide them with added value, and encourage brand loyalty. Marketing strategies have been seeking a way to make the consumer feel a part of the brand, and using technology QR codes seem to have hit that mark.