Innovative technology QR codes in retail driving sales

Mobile technology and mobile commerce are cutting edge resources for retailers. Mobile QR codes in retail are the leading development in mobile commerce which has been shortened in the lexicon to mcommerce. This modeled after the ecommerce benchmark. Companies are becoming leaders in assisting retailers develop their mobile marketing strategies. 

The first step in the process for retailer to take their commerce mobile in this leading edge area to move their product or services. They must then attract visitors not only to their website but now to their mobile site as well. Retailers have been using point of sale marketing for a long time. This is the response to the human condition of impulse buying. In the digital age this point of sale can be anywhere, thus marketers need to find a way to put the impulse buy where their products are. QR codes provide the perfect opportunity. Consumers are traversing many websites in a day and ad space is limited. QR codes in retail for non-retail environments can be a great trigger to buy.

Several large scale outlets have adopted QR codes in retail. Martha Stewart’s huge empire of retail merchandise is partnering with Home Depot to deploy her QR codes in their locations. When a consumer comes across one of her codes they use a smartphone or other mobile device to scan the code to receive detailed information on the product. This QR code in retail application can inform the consumer to determine if Martha Stewart’s product would be a valuable resource in their home improvement project.

QR codes in retail will continue to multiply and their uses are limitless. One can see several large retailers following the lead of Ms. Stewart and Home Depot.