Art exhibitor among QR code companies rising presence

The world of art is consistently transforming. From the renaissance to Picasso the taste throughout the ages is in a perpetual state of flux. The limit of art is only the limit of the imagination of the artist. Art can be defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typical in a visual form such as painting or sculpture as well as the works produced by such skill and imagination.

An exciting new wave of art is including Ambient Media Portals in artistic works. Ambient Media Portals or AMP one of a variety of QR code companies is spearheading the inclusion of QR codes in works of art they allow the viewer insight into the world behind the images through a smartphone. Artists are using smartphones and QR codes to enlarge the experience beyond the first view of a piece. They are creating a new avenue through digital media where a static piece of art can be expanded on through multimedia stories, music, and film which can be enjoyed outside the gallery from the comfort of your own couch.

There is a large segment of the population whose smartphones are their main tie to the world around them. People use them to play games, search the internet, text and talk, and to engage in the alternate social media lives. Developers are creating applications that expand on the potential to connect to the globe that we hold in our hands. The use of smartphones and QR codes to explore art in new and exciting ways is a natural extension of the technology.

AMP is a paid service that provides different incentives on various levels. Subscribers can enter the hidden world in pieces of art that hang in a Seattle art museum. The money provided by the users gains them access to digital files and limited edition prints.

QR codes in art are one of the many ways their permeating a marketplace. QR code companies are applying the technological engagement strategies exhibited by AMP throughout the spectrum of the business world as well.