QR Codes - educational opportunities

The quick and ease of access to information is one of the most interesting aspects of the use of QR codes. The use of the codes in teaching applications will surely be an educational method of the future. In an age where young people are in the forefront in the use of technology free QR code generators and applications can be an easy way to get students to become an active part of any educational environment. Technology, especially the mobile phone, ipad, and other interactive personal mobile devices are becoming tethered not only to the business professional but to students from elementary school to graduate students.

Many educational institutions discourage the use of mobile technology in the classroom. They can be seen as a distraction from the more traditional lecture and reading assignments. Those educators that can integrate a student’s love affair with their mobile technology may find themselves with an edge in molding the hearts and minds of the tech generation.

For example there is a teacher in Wyoming who utilizes QR code apps in his science class. London Jenks a science teacher allows his students to use their cell phones and the corresponding free QR code readers, and mobile QR code applications. Students in his class participate in scavenger hunts, respond to class wide polls and check their answers to work which he has embedded in a QR code format. Mr. Jenks believes that students are more immediately engaged by using their personal technology. He believes that there is a familiarity and comfort level that they may not have with the school provided equipment. He initially felt some discomfort with using qr apps as many students did not possess a smartphone QR reader, but he eventually found a service that allowed QR codes to be accessible to anyone with the capability of picture messaging and of course a camera. He has found some pushback from those who are traditionalists who prefer the paper and pencil method of education.

Science class would be a great example of the use of QR codes used in a non –traditional environment. With schools and educators branching out and teaching subjects like emerging technology, or technology based or social marketing courses one can see the obvious engagement of QR code technology. It is possible that entire courses may come about where QR codes are the base, from usage, the effect on marketing, QR code creators, and generators.

QR codes will not only be useful as an educational tool, but as a means of tracking student progress. There may come a time where students can import links to online text and course work by just scanning QR codes directly from their mobile device.

Some say that we are living in a digital age. Yet with the advent of the fast and functional stream of information and the resources to decode large amounts of data on devices that we carry in our pockets the future is limitless. We will see an emergence of use of QR codes, the applications and software that creates them such as the multitude of QR code generators already available. With this technology the future is only what we can imagine.