Branding yourself with personal QR code

Advertisers find innovative ways to bring their campaigns to the consumer. They have been using bright colors and splashy graphics. The use of QR codes is a rising field in advertising. They are a barcodes that are scannable by smartphones, and when accessed launch online experiences. Many are critical of the look of the code itself. Most often they are black and white checkered boxes. Although it seems inevitable, there are many who doubt that QR marketing will go mainstream and they cite their bland appearance as one of the reasons. Nevertheless restaurant QR codes, social QR codes, and others are popping up many places. They offer consumer discounts, and engaging online media. The question is how to entice a consumer to scan and click. There are several ways QR technology can be used and modified one of which is creating a personal QR code. Many design elements can be applied to your own personal branded QR code.

The good news is that QR codes do not have to strictly follow any visual format. They can undergo redesign in fantastic ways while still being able to be read. They do not have to be a black and white boring checkbox.  Many are offering free QR codes that have eye-catching design elements that can be included in an advertising campaign in attractive ways. These codes still offer the same consumer discounts, vital information and rich media as their frumpy forerunners.

One of the most seamless transitions when using free QR codes is to add some color. This will add some branding influence, especially if there is a particular color scheme associated with your company. Scanners today have the ability to read codes that are not in black and white. You can go as far as grading colors and using a multiple color palate. Another easy way to transition from the old style QR code is to soften the hard edges of the square box by rounding off the corners.

Many new QR codes are including a brand image within the code itself. This brings a sense of depth and dimensionality to the code and really makes a statement. Images can be included between the boxes, at the center of the code, and even at the corners bringing a sense of style and personality to what used to be a simple black and white box. The consumer is much more likely to interact and be less turned off when a sense of fun is included.

One of the most interesting aspects of QR codes is that they do not have to be perfect to be rendered as useable by scanners. The data encrypted with zero through thirty percent error correction rates. The higher the rate the more extraneous boxes will be included in the code allowing more of the boxes to be obstructed with design elements.

QR codes are on the cusp of mainstream in the advertising world. Being an innovator in design and technological aspects in the use of these codes will bring your brand into the cutting edge. The QR codes may even become the central piece of art in advertising campaigns of the future.