Local businesses becoming QR places

Local businesses are amongst the various consumer interests benefiting from QR code marketing. QR code places, those outlets utilizing QR codes on and off line, are putting their marketing stock on the public’s rising incorporation of their smartphones in their daily activities including commerce.

An advertiser in Norwich, Connecticut is looking to change the way the local marketplace engages with the populous. The head of an advertising ad agency in the eastern Connecticut municipalities presented the value of QR code technology to the local Chamber of Commerce. She stated that local businesses use of QR code technology could put them on par with national marketers and retailers. The Chamber president followed up by urging local business to use QR codes to purchase goods on the internet and sell the items in a local setting – bridging the gap between online consumerism and the growing desire of consumers to become an asset to the local business culture.

There is no expectation that QR codes will replace brick and mortar shopping, even though many of the large department stores have rolled out complex QR advertising campaigns there will still be a crush of Black Friday shoppers at local malls the day after Thanksgiving every year.

Some will say that the use of QR codes to replace the stand alone store and drive internet consumerism in bad for the average worker causing a loss of employment. The use of QR advertising and purchasing must be used in conjunction with standard retail sales. The bulk of QR users are smartphone users which implies youth and some wealth. Great targets for any commercial campaign and sales drivers. Higher sales usually ignite hiring rates and employment opportunities in local business venues.

Local business owners struggle to compete with national chains and the advent of internet commerce has only served to increase the struggle. QR codes allow the local businessperson the opportunity to engage the internet market through smartphone technology and bring their branding potential to its fullest.