Unlimited uses for QR code scanner

You have seen them everywhere QR codes; the wonderful little boxes that can transport you to marvelous places on the web. All you need to access this virtual web travel is a mobile device outfitted with a QR code scanner. All one needs to do is type in QR code scanner app in to their devices browser or market and you can be deluged with options. Try several and find the best QR code scanners for your devices or needs.

You now have in the palm of your hand a great tool to access the joys of the mobile web wherever you go. Now, what to do with this handy little gem? Well most everyone is familiar with the zebra style old school barcodes but QR codes are a whole new breed of zebra, and serve quite the different purpose. They can be found anywhere from magazines, to business cards and billboards. New York City even has a plan in place to affix QR codes to building permits. These codes act as a link on a webpage does, with just a click you can be linked to a webpage or obtain information and content like videos right on your device. They can contain a much larger amount of information than the standard barcode. Unlike their progenitor they store information both vertically and horizontally.

There are some folks out there who have put these codes to truly entertaining purpose. You know the type those great early adopters of technology... they always seem one step ahead. Take for example the “bark code” it’s used by a particular breeder at dog shows who has added to the QR codes to her dogs’ crates allowing those who have a QR code scanner app the ability to link to her dog’s website. Yes, that’s right her dog has a website. Edible QR codes are a burgeoning trend as well with cupcake makers placing QR code iced tidbits on the top of their treats allowing those who desire with their qr code scanners to soak up vital information like nutritional content, or the bakers social media profile. A restaurant in Boston Massachusetts has added to this type of in dining marketing by applying QR codes in squid ink on their plates that allows the diner to find out the recipe or even watch a video of the dish being made. One would think this would be a great way for restaurants to inform diners with serious allergies the exact ingredients of all components of a dish. One of the best uses for QR codes is the Nashville Tennessee hospital who links the wait time of its emergency room to all of the QR codes in its advertising. It would seem strange that anyone in need of the services of an emergency room would take the time to scan a QR code on the way, yet it is fantastic information to have at hand. One wonders if the services are free if it takes longer than thirty minutes. Most likely not.

With the proper QR code scanner the options are out there for any business or individual to use their creativity to direct users on a web travel adventure. All the uses and technology do not have to be staid and somber but they should provide useful to the person on the business end of a smartphone.