Innovative QR code business card usage

Today’s business environment is as competitive as it gets. The business professional must use any tool available to his advantage. In a technology driven environment many professionals are looking for ways to get their online profile in front of the eyes of as many people as possible. One innovative example of this digitization of the market place is the use of QR code business cards. Personal branding is a leading edge field and what better way to incorporate as much information about yourself on your business card.

QR codes are a hot trend at the moment and the novelty factor of QR code business card information may just be the wow factor needed for someone to seek further information from your particular card. Most people will gladly accept a card, which may find its way forgotten in a wallet purse or wherever those tidbits of daily life end up. If your initial meeting with a prospective client was lackluster the use of QR business cards can enable the prospect to search your website and become engaged at their own pace.

We have all had at one time or another had an address book or rolodex of business cards we have collected over the years. How many times have you gone to contact one of the business and find that the numbers and addresses are out of date. The advantage to using a QR code business card is that you can update all pertinent information on the website linked to the code and your customers or potential customers can find out your information with a click of the key on their mobile device.

Most everyone now knows that networking is one of the most important jobs whether you’re in a business or educational environment. A great example of QR code business card usage and QR code business card information exchange is the 2010 South by Southwest Conference. This conference is a music, film, and interactive event. This is the type of crowd that truly embraced the QR emergence. QR codes were found on handouts, t-shirts, advertising incentives, and of course the most personal touch the QR business card. The badges of those who were lucky enough to be a panelist contained QR codes that when scanned allowed them to be “followed” at my.SXSW where their actions throughout the conference could be kept up with, and their contact information could be obtained.

QR code business cards and the information that they can quickly provide to those interested in your business is the wave of the future. We can remember a time where an email address was a novel addition to a business card. In the future most likely they’ll be the information exchange portal of choice.