Useful Custom QR Codes the personalization of information

When QR codes first emerged there was a similarity that could not be overlooked. Most all QR codes were a monochromatic black and white image. The job was done of course with information that was easily scanned by a mobile application and the user directed to further information… a website, coupons, or even nutritional data. The fresh part was the utilization of new and exciting technology and frankly that we all got to download a new app and play with our toys some more. Attention spans especially of consumers are not traditionally known to be long. Today while the black and white monochrome is still ubiquitous. More and more custom QR codes are popping up.

The use of color, images, brand logos, and other commonly identified company markers are being inserted into QR codes. You can find them on billboards, magazines, and at times on the buildings of corporations themselves. Using the iconic imagery of a corporation is an exciting way for consumers to interact. If they can incorporate their favorite commercial character and the use of their mobile device, even better for the interaction between buyer and seller both.

Major corporations have inserted their brand imagery in to custom QR codes. The marketing strategy and professional brand strategists have not let this emerging technology go unnoticed. Nike, Subway, Wal-Mart, and Starbucks all make use of their graphical deep rooted brand imagery in their custom QR codes. The list can go on and on. Most link to promotional websites or offer the consumer a little extra for their effort to scan and follow their advertising genius. A very popular promotional mode is the offer of incentive to the consumer for following their mobile advertising especially links to coupons or other discounts that are exclusively attached to the custom QR code.

Brand imagery is not the only way companies and professionals make use of custom QR codes. They can also be made up of strategic images for example coffee beans or grains of cereal can replace the customary black dots when creating the custom QR code, as well as the entire spectrum of the rainbow. These codes come in all variety of color shapes and sizes. One of the most unique uses if not a trend is the advent of rooftop custom QR codes that come in to play with the use of Google Earth. A company called Blue Marble offers the service of installing a QR code that can be seen from space, with the help of satellites of course. Google earth advertises over a billion downloads, and it seems like many people have the available time to scan that particular application. Imagine being able to scan the custom QR code right off Google Earth and delve in to the wares of the images you see. The imagination is the only limit to what can be done with an eye catching well placed custom QR code.