QR code decoder use in publishing

Traditionally the way to bring information from one place to the next was to print it on paper and bind it in between two covers. Whether its history or story this is the way we started information on its endless journey to bring knowledge. As time has gone by people have wanted more information faster, and they wanted that information to be current. That used to mean a new book would have to be written and endless research done before that.

As technology as become more and more prevalent in the world of learning people have become less patient with the time it takes to research and read. This becoming more and more true has left writers with a dilemma, how to keep readers reading, and how do we keep our work current? Writers of all kinds struggle to find a way to keep their readers engaged and coming back looking for more. When kids are used to having things at their fingertips and adults alike readers have started to use QR codes in conjunction with a QR code decoder on their smartphone as a way to keep a current flow of information and interest to the pages of their books. While publishers were slow to do this starting by just adding QR codes to the covers of books they have slowly started to add them to text with in the content of a book.

Using QR codes this way allows for an author to link to webpages that contain either further information, ways to share information or thoughts, or link to directly to the author’s page. An example of this is the book called The Visitor’s Guide to American Gardens. This book has QR codes throughout that are able to link the reader to webpages that feature each garden and what may be happening at that time. These pages feature the gardens in real time keeping the book current eliminating it from becoming irreverent.

A company that makes this its purpose is Link.Me. As a startup company they build QR codes for publishers. Link.Me’s goal is to allow publishers to connect and enhance the readers experience with a book. Embedded QR codes which can be decoded using a QR code decoder link to pages containing multimedia that support the subject. Sometimes it could be a Facebook page for fans, or videos. The main focus for this company is to support a publisher by building a database of information. This information is based on specifics geared to consumers of the kind of books they publish. These QR codes are adding layers to the words on pages, adding to the meaning of read between the lines.