Integrating offline and online aspects of life using QR code reader

The integration of technology in all aspects of life is becoming second nature. In areas where one would not see the digital, the internet is becoming present. Take the case of a grave marker brought to life online.

Edourad Garneau was an auto body collision repair expert; he was a fantastic uncle, and a lover of travel. He was a businessman in near Seattle who had an impact on the world he lived in and larger than life figure in his family. All this can be found on an embedded next to his grave marker. Anyone visiting the cemetery with a QR code reader can be a part of sharing his life. The code also links to his obituary and a photo gallery of the man himself. His wife, Faye, puts it well when she says that it kind of keeps people alive throughout the generations.

About thirty of these living monuments have been created so far by Quiring Monuments. This is a true example of a practical use in an emerging technology. QR codes were created in the early 90s in japan and the bugs have been or at least mostly have been worked out. Now with a QR code reader app on your smartphone you can access the history free of charge. There are no restrictions on their use as the technology is free of a licensing fee. Anyone can use their creative power and harness their use.

The lists of innovative examples of QR codes that can be accessed by a free QR code reader are innumerable. QR code frosted graham crackers are sent to new clients as a thank you, the code on the frosting directs the client offering new and ideas for the codes. A motor sport event recently branded the cars in the race where the codes were also used in handouts in support of a missing child initiative where information regarding the child was encoded. A church in Louisiana uses the codes in their bulletins as a way to encourage the tech savvy members… the ones churches these days are eager to engage... to sign up for events and become more active members.

Many traditional non-tech activities are reaching out to users of QR code reader users. It has been said that as the generations go by kids are staying inside more using computers, video games, and smartphones. In an effort to bridge the gap between the tech-generation and outdoor activities a park in Florida installed QR codes along the walking paths accessible by QR code readers. The codes link to information on the flora and fauna along the way.

With each passing moment we will see the offline brick and mortar world connect to the internet. On the cusp of this changeover is the smartphone. They live in our pockets and are the true connection to the world around. With QR code readers the link is made permanent, storable, and engaging.