QR apps used to track lost articles

Two Seattle-based companies, Dynotag and PetHub, are using QR code apps to help consumers keep track of personal items and pets. Dynotag is a startup company that allows the consumer to create a QR code for free that would link to a web page. This web page would hold the person information for the return of the lost item whether it was a piece of luggage let on a flight or cab or a lost pet. For example you could create a code that could be placed on the collar of your dog. The code would be then linked to a webpage and when scanned information about your pet would then be available. Like the pets name, address, vaccines, and favorite treats.

 In addition to information the website can also send a notification to your mobile device letting you know that the code has been scanned. If the mobile devise has GPS capabilities then you could find out where the code was scanned aiding further in locating your lost pet or luggage.

PetHub also uses QR codes to help a pet owner locate or keep track of a pet. The difference is the consumer can build a profile for the pet containing the pet’s personal information. This company keeps in mind the building use of QR codes and also provides a web address on the collar tag, allowing another way to access the pet’s information. These codes can be generated on pet tags or directly on the collar band for a fee.

In a world looking for quick and easy was to make life convenient QR code apps are a wave of the future. People’s attachment to their pets is a bond that can be as close as that of parenthood or marriage, any opportunity to safeguard and be reunited with your lost pet as easy as using a QR app would be a welcome opportunity to any pet owner. In a situation as challenging as lost luggage at an airport the amount of time saving through the use of the codes would be a godsend to any airline representative. QR codes and the apps that track and make quick work of their use has unlimited potential.