QR code business card generator good for the environment

A company based on green technology focusing on digital virtual business cards is now using QR codes instead of paper business cards. The idea being that the QR codes being used on smart phones will eliminate the need or use of paper. The less paper being used the better off the environment will be. This is an idea that can be translated to any company using a QR code business card generator.

Making paper cuts down trees and uses harsh chemicals that ultimately harm the environment. In this day and age with the environment being the front running cause of many new technological advances this adds a just another advance to add to the list. QR codes are now a way to bring personal and business information fast without harming the environment. For many companies looking for an edge this may be the solution.

The idea of this company Yprintit is to create a virtual social network that is accessed by the QR code designed for a company or person. The same way you would pass a business card a QR code would be able to be passed from smartphone to smartphone. The benefit to using a QR code verses a traditional business card is that large amounts of data and information can be held and accessed by one code. So as a company or persons information changes it can be updated on a profile and a new code generated and passed.

This technology is allowing users such as companies on the go accesses to their profile, allowing fast updates and customization. Simple templates make an already simple process even easier. QR codes are quickly becoming the new way to communicate information.