The use of QR code software in medical technology

Technology is being added more and more into the medical field. Recently lifespire Inc., a nonprofit origination that aims to help developmentally disabled persons live a normal life and live the life they wish, has added QR codes to medical bracelets. It may be possible that free QR code software can be used in similar ways in other life saving efforts.  Moving away from the original jewelry based medical tag the new QR code tag leans toward the small plastic cards that we sometimes carry on our key rings. These codes will be the prominent element on the card and is hoped to bring medical information to emergency personnel as quickly as possible.  It would be possible for anyone who has downloaded free QR code software on their smartphone would be able to be of assistance to someone in need and provide information to a 911 operators or first responder. 

These codes would be linked to databases containing the medical information of the patient. Relying on the EMTs having smart phones this idea would bring more information to them and the hospitals faster and more efficiently. QR codes used in this way could bring faster care and relief to patients.

QR code software being used this way is also leading to the shift in electronic record keeping. Once this happens tag owners will have full access to what can and cannot be seen when the QR code is scanned. As it stands now first responders have limited information, the possibility that they could have a patients full medical record through the use of QR code technology has the potential to make the difference between life and death.