Companies use technology to raise money you can make your own QR code to do the same

There are many companies that work together to better each other or raise money. Two such companies are Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Fund. These two companies work together to bring awareness of messages and causes such as the conservation of the polar bears habitat. This QR code campaign is the first for Coca-Cola in the United States.  It is possible for you to follow their lead and make your QR code to raise cash for either personal use or for a great charitable organization.

QR codes come to play when Coca-Cola placed a code on a cup to be sold at 7-Eleven gas stations. When scanned this QR code will download a game called Snowball Effect by Coca- Cola. Instead of instant information these codes bring a fun way for consumers to connect to a cause. This game is an app for the iPhone and iPad that will connect to Facebook. When points are generated while playing the game players are able to also earn prizes. Who is to say that as the fundraiser for a charitable organization you can’t learn to make your own QR code and engage consumers in the same way.

The World Wildlife Fund comes in when the code also links to a page where the consumer can make a donation to the conservation of the polar bears habitat. When a donation is made Coca-Cola matches the donation up to 1 million. This is a great partnership where the ability to make your own QR codes would be a huge asset to fundraise for your organization.

Campaigns like this have been done many times before and will be continued but the QR code brings them effortlessly to the consumer.  With the ease and compatibility to a smartphone in the pockets there is a boon to charitable organizations on the horizon.